Friday, 8 June 2012

The waiting is always the hardest part..

"intelligent people talk about ideas, average people talk about events, and ignorant people talk about other people"

Can't agree more. This was sent to me about a month ago by a dear friend, and I just can't fucking agree more. Anyways, I just got my firepod in the mail, and it still doesn't work. Many, many curse words for the makers of this product. Will have to wait until Monday to find out if it is worth anything at all to hold onto. Wish I would have just bought a brand new Firestudio, but not only is it impossible to change the past, it is impossible for the past to exist. That's another story for another blog though..   been reading some good books lately. Ordered the Doors of Perception, pretty excited to read about experiments in human consciousness. I'm gonna get tattooed next paycheck. Here is a good note to go out on:

The eyes of reason covered by the devil's hands. Here's another good song, as this is pretty much all that I care about in my life of lives:
Hopefully I can have some of my own music to post here in a few weeks.


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