Thursday, 28 June 2012


So here's what we're dealing with guys: go to I just recorded some tracks with slightly better sound. It sounds like somebody tried to rip off both Integrity and Converge, which is precisely what I did. I would love to recruit some members into this and play shows, but that would probably be short-lived because I'm about 80% sure I'm moving away this Fall. We'll see what happens though, if there were enough going on here to tie me down I'd stay for another year or whatever.

As always you should also check out for upcoming shows and talk about music and posting stupid pictures. I got instagram. My name thing is just andyplatt so add me on there eh.  My mouth tastes like Brussel Sprouts right now, isn't that super metal? That shit was always delicious to me growing up.

I'm checking out the following bands this week:

Slipknot - Self titled
This was heavier than I originally pegged Slipknot out to be. Favorite song so far is (Sic). They sound like Hatebreed kind of, except not as awesome or motivational as Hatebreed.
Carcass - Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious
Haven't actually listened to this yet
Whitechapel - Self titled
I've listened to a few songs but can't find the album illegally. The songs are darker than previous material, but not as interesting as New Era of Corruption, which was an awesome album. Worth listening to.
Mayhem - Chimera
This is my first Black Metal album, I'm really into some of it, but some of it is kind of lame. Insanely heavy and creative use of instruments, but I'm not into shit that is serious about worshiping Satan. Satan doesn't exist, you bitch-hole. Pretty awesome though overall.

Maybe I will get into regular posting and posting links to these files, maybe. I'm pretty bored on my days off so this seems like a worthwhile investment of my time. Peace out fuck.


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